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class localized_recurrence.fields.DurationField(*args, **kwargs)

A field to store durations of time with accuracy to the second.

A Duration Field will automatically convert between python timedelta objects and database integers.

Duration fields can be used to define fields in a django model

class Presentations(models.Model):
    length = DurationField()
    speaker = models.ForeignKey(User)
    location = models.ForeignKey(Location)

Given such a model, storing a duration in the database is as simple as passing in a timedelta object

>>> Presentations.objects.create(
...     length=datetime.timedelta(minutes=45),
...     speaker=User.objects.get(email=''),
...     location=wrestle_mania_ring,
... )

The timedeltas are stored as seconds in the backend, so sub-second accuracy is lost with this field.